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Diary Of A Madman

I had called this blog The Musings Of SiteGuru – I am SiteGuru, and this blog is hosted within my website. However I’ve decided a name change is pertinent, to better fit with my personality, and the tagline for this blog. 🙂 But please rest assured that this name change won’t in any way change the inaneness of my ramblings – indeed, this very post is quite apt in itself. 😀

Some of you may find this title familiar. If you do, and can identify it, then have 20 bonus points. 🙂 It is, of course, the title of one of Ozzy Osbourne’s albums from his early solo career. So if you’re also an Ozzy fan (from his Black Sabbath days onwards) then look out of the window, Bark At The Moon and seek help from Mr. Crowley.

(I wish I still had hair so I could do some proper head banging). 🙁


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