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DGTeam Firmwares – Part Deux

A comment was made in the BE forum regarding this list of firmwares, as to whether it was worth worth setting up a download page with relevant notes. To that end, if anyone wishes to send me write-ups regarding any of the firmwares listed, please send them as text files and I’ll upload them. The text file name should be the same as the firmware ZIP file, except .zip is replaced by .txt. Example …

Firmware =
Text File = DG834GT_V1.02.16_DGTeam_0848.txt

My directory listing script is setup to look for the .txt file for each .zip file, and display the text file contents. I think this will be the easiest way to provide additional details about the firmwares listed. (I don’t know the details, hence I’m not able to provide them).

Note: I’ll be checking any submitted files for naughty code, so just plain text please. 😉



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DGTeam Firmwares For Netgear Modem/Routers

If you’re a follower of the DGTeam firmwares for the Netgear series of modem/routers (such as the DG834G, DG834GT, DG834N, DGN2000 etc.) then you may have found that the project has come to an abrupt end. 🙁

However all is not lost! Whilst there may be no further development of these firmwares, there is a resource wherefrom some of the firmwares can be obtained. The relevant link is and it contains links to ZIP files (hosted here on this domain) of various Images of DGTeam firmwares.

Hopefully additional firmwares will be added over time. To that end, if you have a version that is not currently hosted here then drop me a line attaching the image and I’ll add it to the collection.

I hope you find this beneficial. 🙂



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