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Welcome to the new world

Well I’ve gone and done it. I’ve joined the world of the “cool kids”. 😉 I’ve got myself an iPod Touch. 🙂

And I love it! But I’m glad I waited until the 4G version. It really is cool. 😀

That’s all. 🙂


PS – I’ve posted this from the iPod. 😉


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It Seems Orange DO Value Customers

I am happy to report that Orange have reconsidered their position, and they have now offered a resolution that I deem acceptable. As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed. 😀

PS – it’s amazing what an email copied to the CEO can achieve. 😉

Ciao for now!


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Orange Appear To Not Value Customers

I think my best way to post this is to show the email I have sent to Orange Customer Services. 🙄

In re. account 07XXX XXXXXX

Well – what a complete and utter waste of my valuable time!

I have followed your procedures and got virtually nowhere. Whilst the account is now (apparently) properly registered as Dolphin, this is only from 1st December 2010. When I spoke with an Operations Manager (“Steven”) he told me that the issue is fixed but Orange will not be refunding me for the texts that have been fraudulently (in my opinion) charged to the account that should have been inclusive with topups.

This is completely unacceptable, as this issue (account said Dolphin online, but was being treated as a starter package by your systems) has been apparent right from the very start (in 2009, and I received some refund and compensation during summer 2009, with an assurance the issue had been fixed. The compensation amounted to a number of free texts, then 3p texts for the remainder of 2009). Thus for the entirety of 2010 I have been charged for texts that should have been inclusive.

I have already sent a letter by Royal Mail to your Correspondence Department to request an itemised list of every transaction on this account in 2010. (I cannot get such information online, nor via your customer services). I have also attached an electronic copy of that letter herein. This itemisation will make clear exactly how much I have been over-charged. I expect to receive that list no later than Tuesday 7th December.

I am writing this email response to offer you the opportunity to remedy this situation before I take this to OFCOM and/or Trading Standards and/or consumer journalists. I have also copied this email to your CEO, so he can be clear that his company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service is failing badly.

Whilst the numerical value of what Orange owes is not great, I abhor the principle that a company can effectively say to a customer “Tough, what are you going to do about it?”. Well I actually AM going to do something about it – unless you wish to use this last-chance opportunity for redemption. If I do not receive a satisfactory outcome then please be aware that it is not only this one account that you will lose – I have control over several other Orange accounts that you will also lose. This equates to far more revenue loss than what we are talking about here in terms of recompense. And this is before we even think about the potential commercial damage of negative publicity that this issue could incur.

If you wish to call me to discuss this matter, please call me on 07NNN NNNNNN (an Orange corporate account number).

Yours in anticipation of a satisfactory outcome,

Ian Anderson


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