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I Can Has A New Laptop!

I decided my 7 year old self-build desktop PC was showing its age, so I have invested in a new laptop. After conducting significant research (for specification versus price, as well as consumer reviews) I settled on making my purchase with Cyberpower Systems – a company based near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This post is a summary of my experience.

Step 1 – Decide what you want.
Their website has a very good configuration utility that lets you compose a system (desktop or laptop) that fully meets your needs, using a wide variety of base systems as the starting point.

Step 2 – Place your order.
Again everything is done online, although you can phone them too. I did do so and got a discount code I could use – saved me 3% (not a massive discount, but better than nothing). 🙂 That said, I still placed the order online.

Step 3 – Wait!
Yes – you have to wait for your new toy to arrive. At time of order (29th December 2011) I was told delivery would be 10-14 working days. My laptop arrived on 20th January 2012 – exactly 14 working days (bearing in mind the New Year holidays). You get an email advising you of the delivery (next day is standard – mine came via UKMail but they also use UPS). They also give you a call (before even the email) to let you know about delivery.

Step 4 – Unpack your new toy.
Be prepared for something akin to a Russian Doll – they send their goods very well packed! You can see my unpacking photos via the link below.

Step 5 – Enjoy!
That’s all you have to do – enjoy it. It comes supplied and ready to use. All you need to do is activate windows using the code on the COA sticker (assuming you buy an OS – you don’t have to).

So all-in-all a very consumer-friendly process, with a company who seem to hold customer delight in high regard. Would I buy from them again? Damn right I would.

That’s all folks! See you when I can next be bothered to post. 🙂


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