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I have had my CV/résumé online for some time now but I had not previously created a linking/holding page for it, so I thought it was about time I did. Whilst doing so I thought "Why not expand this to give my friends and colleagues (past and present) a place to put their résumés as well?" It's a tough old world out there so the better exposure anyone can get then the better chance they will have of finding success. This page is the outcome of that spark of generosity I had. :-D

Each person's résumé is shown below in the variety of formats they have supplied to me. Simply click on the reference to see that file. All links launch a new browser window.

Name Summary Web Page MS Word Acrobat Last Updated
Ian Anderson
My diverse experience displays my adaptability to changing business environments. This enables me to quickly understand your requirements, leading to a short learning cycle, minimised training costs and hence a fast route to full effectiveness.
July 2009
Adam McCrum
- Key member of a major cost reduction program that realized savings of £100k in 2004.
- Key member of a team that set up contract manufacturing in China to meet our customer’s requirements for global manufacturing sites.
- Work closely with the sales force to win major new business opportunities. E.g. £1 million additional business in India in 2002.
- Design for six sigma green belt certified.
- Six sigma lean expert certified.
May 2005


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