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Buddy Links

When surfing the web we all have our favourite places to visit, be they Guestbooks, Forums, Resources, Hobby Interests or whatever. Herein you will find some of our favourites. We hope you find the time to check them out, and if so we hope you find them useful. There is the usual disclaimer, of course - we have no control over the ownership, hosting, style or content of any of these sites and as such cannot be held liable for them in any way.

Website Hosting    Forums    Resources    Our Friends    Link Exchange

Website Hosting

^ Top ^ NameHog
This is who presently hosts our site. They offer good value hosting plans with support for PHP (version 4.1.2), Chili!Soft ASP and a mySQL database. Well worth checking out.
If active server pages (ASP) is your thing then you could do worse than checking out this crowd. They are virtually the only company around that offer a free hosting plan with support for ASP and with NO popup or banner adverts.
Efficient Hosting
UK based Web Hosting and domain name registration. Feature packed hosting plans on fast, reliable servers and at reasonable prices. With a powerful, user-friendly Control Panel and support for PHP, CGI, SSI, MySQL and FrontPage.
ActionJackson - IIS Hosts List
Of course, it would be next to impossible to list here all available web hosts, and very little value in doing so. Better to provide this link to a site which has already done this, in this case in respect of hosts using Internet Information Services (IIS) as the web server.
Free Web Hosts
This link takes you to our preferred search engine, Google, and returns a massive list of free web hosts. Perhaps there is something here which appeals?


^ Top ^ SiteExperts.com
Another good forum which is more biased to technical matters relating to websites and web technologies. You can find our founder here as a contributor using the user identity "bod1467".
Although these people are a web hosting company, their forums are also quite useful for finding out about ASP. Our founder can be found here also as user identities "siteguru" and "hiflyer".
Another excellent suite of forums, and their articles and utilities are worth looking at. Our founder can be found here also as user identity "siteguru".
Another excellent suite of forums, with good technical help on a wide range of subjects and a very lively community. Our founder can be found here also as user identity "siteguru".


^ Top ^ W3C Consortium
You can see the XHTML and CSS logos at the top of this page. If you want to find out more about what they mean, and their significance, then this is the place to go. This is where virtually all the web standards are originated, agreed and published.
One of the best resources on the web to learn about web technologies. If you want to improve your understanding of how to make a good website and the technologies involved, then this is where to go.
An excellent place to learn about DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies, whereby the information is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.
Webpage Size Checker
One of the key elements that search engines look for when ranking your site is the size of the page, more specifically the size of the textual content versus the size of the HTML tags content. This is called the "content-to-code ratio" and you can determine the performance of any site against this metric using this utility.
W3C Validator
You will see a logo at the top of this page denoting that this site is compatible with the XHTML coding standards. Here is a link to the validation engine against which you can check any site versus many of the web standards.
We had to include this here. Google is probably THE best resource there is, as it allows you to research virtually ANY subject - if a website exists regarding a subject then Google will almost certainly have it indexed. (This link is preloaded with the search query website+design+custom+scripts+uk).

Our Friends

^ Top ^ Cyber Fool
We occasionally sub-contract graphics work to Gabriele Kreichgauer (indeed she enhanced our logo for us). This is her fun site where she showcases her graphics talent. She certainly is the only and only Cyber Fool - with attitude!
A regular contributor at the SiteExperts.com forums, and a very knowledgeable guy. Take a look and see how he can help you.
Newcastle United FC
This is the football (soccer to our US cousins) team that I support, and have done since I was a child. This site has absolutely no relation to website design and development, but I make no apologies for supporting my team! ^_^

Link Exchange

If you would like to see your banner ad here in this page then all you need to do is send us an email containing the banner image itself (468 wide by 60 tall, GIF or JPG format), your URL and some short advertisement text to display below the image. We will review your requests and those we accept will get posted. All we ask in return is that you place a hard-coded link to our home page on your website. We have started with a banner image of our own to give you an idea of what we mean.

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